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Dwaine Carrillo / Airkat Knives, PROTOTYPE  Knife

Dwaine Carrillo / Airkat Knives - SC250, SCOUT, Spearpoint, Black G10/ TI, PROTOTYPE, Custom Knife

$ 1,540.00 $ 2,750.00

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Carrillo Design / Airkat Knives



This is a New Design "Scout" Model with the new U Lock locking devise and hardware.

 Very smooth button lock.

 This is a Dwaine Carrillo / Airkat Knives / Carrillo design - SC250, Scout, G2, Spearpoint, U  lock, folding custom knife. This knife has a Black Oxide Finish. Both the spacer & blade are marked "PROTOTYPE". The blade is 1/4  thick. The knife has a Satin titanium frame with the name "Carrillo" on the back handle. The clip is Anodized. The front side of the handle is Black  G10.

All Carrillo knives have a solid lockup and great detent. Comes with a pelican case. 

Made in the U.S.A.

Length:             10  1/4"
Blade length:    4  1/4"
Handle:             6"



Carrillo Design / Airkat Knives "PROTOTYPE"


Please note:


In response to some questions about Dwaine Carrillo:

 I don't think I will see another Carrillo knife again at this point! 

I currently still have knives on order with this knife maker, but it has been almost four years and I still don't have five of the knives that were ordered. All of these knives were paid for in advance just like everyone else.

I am in the same boat as you!

What more can I say.


Update:  February 2/18/2018

  I just got an email with a response. The update was given from another person on his behalf. I was given a link to his Facebook page. This is the link:


I know what some are going to say. I REALLY know. I read the Knife Forums already, but I still need to try and get some of my prepaid knives to make up for a huge loss I have.

I won't respond back to any customers asking me about Dwaine Carrillo. I need to hear back from him first. I really think Mr. Carrillo will make it right. Like I said to a few customers, I am more than likely out more money than anyone else. I know some are coming at him hard, but I have to worry about my situation as well. I am going to try and see if I can get one knife every so often and get caught up. I have to see what he is willing to do first.

Even with this situation, his knives are still SUPER BAD ASS !!!

I will post updates very soon on my site and on various knife forums.

Thank you,



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The shipping price is 70.00 to 120.00 depending on location. This amount must be paid using our website payment system so we can use DHL 2 day Express Shipping Service.

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